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Arguably the world’s favorite fast food, Pizza has caught the imagination of many around the world. The Itlaian cuisine is famous the world over but none has captivated senses like the Pizza. The fast food industry is on the rise and Pizaa forms a major chunk of this revenue in countries like the United States of America. The popularity of this item is such that many big brands have ventured into this business and are doing extremely well. This corporate race has led to the demand for a separate top-level domain dot Pizza.


The .PIZZA TLD is intended to serve pizza producers, restaurants, retailers and consumers.  Pizza, a traditional Italian food, is popular worldwide.

Pizza shops – the primary intended customers for the .pizza TLD – are located in almost every country with new shops opening every year.  In many locations, especially in the US, a local version of pizza has been created over the years (e.g. Chicago-style Pizza, New York-style Pizza). Take-out is also widespread. 

One reason for this popularity is because pizza is affordable and delicious and its taste is often personalised with local toppings and cooking styles.

The word "pizza" doesn’t change in different languages and is the same across the globe.  The term has been adopted by several dictionaries as neologism.  This characteristic is very important for the diffusion of the concept of a gTLD.

Besides pizza shops, the pizza industry represents a huge business especially in the frozen segment.  Multinationals like Nestle and Dr. Oetker group are focusing on the frozen pizza business. 

Another use of second level domains would be related to the location of pizza shops, so domains like or would help Internet users to easily find a shop or a take away in their location, through the creation of specialised web portals. 

The .PIZZA domain is also suitable for restaurants, especially Italian restaurants that offer pizza in their menus, even if pizza is not their main dish. In fact this word is only five letters long and its typing is quite immediate due to the fact that it contains a double letter and that position of letters is ideal on qwerty keyboards. The alternative .restaurant is very long and difficult to write on keyboards.

Registration Requirements

Minimum 3 characters. Maximum 63 characters. You can't start or end this type of domain names with a ("-") sign.

A .PIZZA domain can be used and registered by anyone or any corporation.

Transfer Policy

The transfer costs include a renewal of the domain. The registration period will change, 1 year renewal will be added to the original expiry date.

Redemption Restore info

Restores are possible within 30 days after domain name expiration and will incur an additional fee.  Please ensure that your email address is current so that you do not miss renewal notices.

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